Pyhot 1680 Pieces Index Tabs Flags, 12 Sets Neon Page Markers Bookmarks Text Highlighter Strips, Sticky Notes 12 X 45 Mm

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상품 유형Office products

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  • Assorted 12 sets 1680 pieces sticky notes in 2 sizes, suffient for your daily office working projects notes or learning programmes.
  • Writable neon PET flag tabs, suitable as bookmarks or reading tags, measurements, charting, etc,easy to locate information.
  • Removable semi-transparent strips, won't obscure book text as well as allows your page clean and new after remove the tape flags.
  • Eye-catching index tabs, with 7 colors, good to highlight key point or color-code your work, make your notes unique and distinguish from others.
  • Package includes: 12x Index tabs(6 Set of 12 x 45mm Rectangle flags; 6 Set of 12*45mm Arrow flags); each set in 20sheets.


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