Outee 15 Sheets Black Temporary Tattoos Fake Jewelry Tattoos Henna Temporary Tattoos Temporary Flash Tattoos For Adults & Kids


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- 검증 된: 성공적으로 상인에 연결, 가격은 최신 버전입니다
- 최근 않음: 이 제품은 재고가 없거나 가격은 최근 아니다
- 이상이 선정한 저렴한: 이 제안 가격은 정상 가격 범위보다 훨씬 높다
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우리는 비용 절감을 계산하기 위해 제품의 정상 가격 범위 또는 참조 판매 가격을 기준으로
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상품 유형Beauty
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED- 15 Sheets in total, over 150 boho shimmer designs.
  • MATERIAL- These black temporary tattoos are made of high quality waterproof material, non-toxic.
  • EASY TO APPLY- Simple and convenient method to attach them to your skin. In addition, it's very convenient to remove them by rubbing baby oil.
  • WIDE USAGE- You can wear these charming black flash tattoos on your wrist, ankle, arm bands, back, ect. Perfect choices for the beach party, festivals, wedding, dating or any other occasions.
  • TRENDY DESIGN- Package comes with feathers, infinity signs, bracelets, hawaiian tribal signs and so on which are all trendy to enable you a fashion appearance.

outee 15 sheets black temporary tattoos fake jewelry tattoos henna temporary tattoos temporary flash tattoos for adults & kids


quantity: 15 sheets in total.

material: high quality waterproof material, non-toxic.

trendy design: package comes with feathers, infinity signs, bracelets, hawaiian tribal signs & so on.

easy to apply

first, keep your skin clean & dry.

second, cut out your favorite tattoo design & remove the transparent paper cover.

third, place tattoo face down to your skin.

fourth, wet the tattoo with a damp cloth.

finally, check the corner of your tattoos to ensure they are completely transferred.

easy to remove

rubbing with baby oil or alcohol, your tattoos will be instantly removed.

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