Openvox Ae1610e13 16 Port Analog Pci-e Card Base Board + 1 Fxs + 3 Fxo + Ec2032


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Product spotlight openvox a1610pe series card takes full advantage of the optional octasic® hardware echo cancellation module to deliver the superior voice quality on both fxo & fxs interfaces in all 16 ports.     adjustable interrupt routing design     interrupts frequency adjustment     up to 16 simultaneous pstn calls (per pcie slot)     compatible with all commercially available motherboards     octasic® hardware echo cancellation module available     3-month “no question asked” return policy overview openvox a1610pe series card  is a new generation analog card with the optional octasic® hardware echo cancellation module on board. With the interchangeable quad-fxs & quad-fxo modules, this can eliminate the requirement for separate channel banks or access gateways. Once the octasic® dsp module ec2032 is added to the ae1610pe, please make sure you are ready to say goodbye to the poor voice quality & echo echo echo in your phone system. No one will even get a chance to hear that any more! The ae1610e with octasic dsp module will support telco-grade hardware echo cancellation on all channels, up to the card’s maximum configuration in 16 ports with no additional cpu load. The openvox a1610pe series card  works with asterisk®, elastix®, freeswitch?, pbx in a flash, trixbox®, yate? & ippbxivr projects as well as other open source & proprietary pbx, switch, ivr, & voip gateway applications. Target Applications     Channel Bank Replacement Alternative     Small Office Home Office (Soho) Applications     Small & Medium Business (Smb) Applications     Gateway Termination To Analog Telephoneslines Services & Features     Caller Id & Call Waiting Caller Id     Adsi Telephones     Loopstart Signaling Support Technical Specifications     Up To 16 Ports Through A Combination Of Fxs400 & Fxo400 Modules     Full-length Analog Card     Up To 4 Quad Fxs Or Fxo Modules     Rj45 Connector     Fpga Design, Upgradeable Firmware Onsite     Power: 7.83w Minimum, 57.03w Maximum     Operation Temperature: 0°c To 50 °c     Storage Temperature: -40°c To 125°c     Size: 21.9*11.6*1.8cm     Weight: 128g Optional Octasic® Dsp Echo Cancellation Module — Ec2032     1024 Taps128 Ms Tailchannel (On All Channel Densities)     Octasic® Music Protection     Automatic Level Control (G.169)     Field Upgradeable Algorithm     V.25 V.8 Answer Tone     Dtmf As Per Q.24     No Cpu Load As A Result Of Echo Cancell
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